Important Notice to all SCOCA Users
This is the latest (and possibly last) release of the Safari ODBC driver.
This release fixes many problems with connectivity and stability especially under Windows 2000. This release also fixes a bug with trying to use mail merge under Microsoft Word. HOWEVER you MUST upgrade your Microsoft Office products with the latest patches to fix this bug.
This can be done by going to:
Click on Product Updates and follow the instructions.
Safari ODBC is a product that allows ODBC-enabled applications to communicate with theUDMS server to access UDMS data sources. For instance, Microsoft Excell may be used to query a UDMS view using the Safari ODBC driver.
SafariODBC is a 32-bit application and can only be used with 32-bit applications. Therefore, these new tools can only be used on a Windows 95, 98 or NT computer running at 32-bit application. For example, it can be used on Windows 95 with Office 97. However, it will not work with earlier version of Office because Office 97 was the first fully 32-bit version of Office.

During the installation, type in your Full Name, Company Name (optional) and the following product license key:
Select the defaults regarding license agreements and the Program Folder to insert the product into (or type in a different folder if you wish). The process will then go through and install the Safari ODBC drivers. Note that during the installation procedure you can choose to not set up a DSN and do so after installation is complete. Be sure to restart your PC when asked.

Note that there is an inconvenience when using Safari OpenAccess with Excel. When saving a query and a worksheet, if you remember to uncheck the "save password" box, you will be prompted for a password when you refresh the query. If you change your password, you will be able to refresh the data in the worksheet without a problem.

If you don't uncheck the "save password" box and you change your password, you will not be able to refresh the data. You will receive an "unable to connect" error message and Excel will close. There is a workaround for this:
  1. Open the worksheet and change the datarangeproperties -- uncheck the "save password" box.
  2. Save the worksheet and close it.
  3. When you open the worksheet, it should behave as if the "save password" box was not checked in the first place. 
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