Welcome to the New School Year!!!

1. Take time to visit the NEW & IMPROVED INFOhio Website!!!

2. The Workflows Manual has been updated. Check out the NEW format! 

3. Be sure &  introduce your faculty & students to the more than 1,650 eBooks in your CAT.

4. The Discovery Portal is available & free for another year. You can access it from your CAT or the INFOhio page.

5. If you still use SCOCA mail & forgot your password, call 1-740-289-2908 & anyone answering can reset your password.

6. If you can not log into Workflows, call me. 1-740-289-2908

7. If you can not remember your "HELPDESK" login information, send me an email & I will look your information up & get back with you.

8. If you get the message "The Specified path was not found" while trying to view reports, go to your manual REPORTS, Understanding Reports, Setting the Print Pathway & follow the directions to reset your application to view & print.

9. If your barcodes generate with large numbers instead of grid lines, you need to reload the 3of9 font. You will find it on the SCOCA/INFOhio page. www.scoca-k12.org

10. If you are getting the message to "UPDATE" your WorkFlows software every time you log in, you need to be given ADMIN rights to download the updates. Talk to your tech.

11. If your students are still showing up as "UNKNOWN" in the teacher field, please contact me.

12. If you are a new librarian & do not have a help desk account, send me an email & I will create one for you.

13. Be sure & contact your book vendors to verify your vendor files are being sent to: barb@scoca-k12.org

14. Always send the Vendor MARC Specification Sheet with every order.

15. Last but not least, if you call the SCOCA office needing assistance & I am not at my desk, please leave a detailed message & your phone number. You can always follow up your message with an email, I check email while out of the office. If it is an emergency, ask to have your call transferred to my cell phone. Please remember, the INFOhio department is a one person department & I will get back with you as soon as possible.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact the office.

Cat Jr. 2.0!
INFOhio would like to introduce our newest addition to the OPAC family - CAT Jr. 2.0.
This is a completely revised interface that has replaced the current CAT Jr. It still spotlights the familiar CAT Jr. characters that we hope will help young learners more easily transition to the new interface.
The features are purposely intended to be much the same but with many improvements:
  • More graphics and colours used throughout
  • Larger non-serif type and text colours
  • Easy search screen that automatically filters to YOUR library
  • Added Sort and Item Group filters that can be used
  • New material type images on the results list
  • Range search in Reading Program Search
  • Check for Reading Program tests in YOUR library if currently set that way in CAT
  • New lexile range search
  • Visual search remains for topical searching
  • Ability to add Chilifresh review Engine (3rd Party Vendor)
 How do I connect?
There are two ways to connect to CAT Jr:
 Preferred Method for First Time Connection:
  1. Go to URL:  http://brazil.scoca-k12.org/
  2. Select your district and building
  3. You should now see the welcome page with working CAT and CAT Jr. buttons
  4. Bookmark this welcome page or make it your browser's homepage
Alternative Method:
You can also visit CAT and see it has a "Go To CAT Jr." button at the right end of the navigational bar.
For Your Webmaster:
If you want the URL located on you library pages, the URL will be:
Where districtcode is the code for your district e.g. PC for Portsmouth City and buildingcode is the code for you building e.g. PHS for Portsmouth High School
 Example: http://brazil.scoca-k12.org/PC/PHS
Software Specifications
The following is an email that was sent out to ALL TECHNOLOGY COORDINATORS and LIBRARIANS on March 20, 2007.
Techs and Librarians,
This is a message to remind you of the updated system specifications for the library workstations running the Workflows software. The following system requirements are directly from the INFOhio webpage at:  http://www.infohio.org/LibraryStaff/Transition/EquipSpecs.html
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP with Service Pack 2 Installed
  • 100 MB hard drisk space available for application
  • Network card
  • Single processor 700 MHz (1 GHz Pentium 4 Recommended) processor.
  • 256 MB memory minimum (512 recommended)
  • 1024x768 or better screen
  • The Ecole C client is not support on Windows Vista
  • Mac users need to use a PC emulation program like Vitrual PC to run the Ecole C client. 
Note that Windows 95, 98, and ME are not supported operating systems. If you are running Workflows on one of these versions of Windows, you will not be able to get proper support, as our support does not acknowledge support requests for these operating systems.
We are anticipating a client update sometime this summer that will require slightly more memory for smooth operation. This new client utilizes Java technology to be able to run on both Macs and PCs. please note that the recommended memory specification is 1GB.
Please be aware that librarians need to have full read, write, modify permissions to several files and folders on  machines for day-to-day operations. These files and folders are listed in the document: http://www.infohio.org/LibraryStaff/Transition/Client%20Installation%20Notes.doc. This document is also referred to in the document above.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the office.
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