Student Information Documentation
Check for most recent version as these change frequently.
You can access Student Information/EMIS documentation by clicking on the HELP tab on your DASL home page.

Choose Procedural & Step by Step Checklist & scroll down to the EMIS section & click on the desired link. Below are some documents that will be useful for FY14N EMIS reporting.

  • FY14N June Checklist
  • FY14 Period G EMIS Checklist
  • 13/14 Admission/Withdrawal Scenarios
  • Gifted Step by Step Checklist
  • CTRMEMIS Error Resolution
  • UNCLEMIS Error Resolution
  • Assessment Error Resolution
GO TO HELP, click on the Helpful Hints link & scroll down to the EMIS section to view or print the EMIS Situations

DASL EMIS Situations (A Guide to Understanding EMIS Situations)
For Information on Credit Flexibility, go to ODE's website.
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